False: DeMaio Mistaken in Landfill Debate

Friday, September 30, 2011


Voice of San Diego
By Keegan Kyle
September 30, 2011
Statement: "One of the 10 conditions included opening Miramar Landfill up to competitive bidding, but here they sit today saying that they're not willing to support that. My, how things have changed when they're not trying to get into your wallet. I ask my colleagues to be true to their word. You campaigned for Proposition D and you said you'd open up the landfill to managed competition," City Councilman and mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio said during a council meeting Sept. 26.
Determination: False
Analysis: On Monday, the City Council fought its latest battle over managed competition — a bidding process that pits private contractors against public city employees to see who can most efficiently provide city functions.
The vote was about whether to put the Miramar Landfill's operations out for bids. Proponents, including the mayor and Republican council members, argued it would save the city money. Critics, including organized labor groups, said the landfill should continue to be operated by city workers to maintain greater oversight. Since the issue had struggled through the committee process, it appeared before Monday's meeting that the full Democratic-dominated council might reject it.