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Wed, 08/15/2012

DeMaio's Landlord Endorsement Demonstrates His Opposition to Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Advocates Say Apartment Association and DeMaio Both Worked Against San Diego's Middle Class

SAN DIEGO – (Wednesday, August 15, 2012) –  Carl DeMaio today announced the endorsement of the San Diego County Apartment Association, attempting to spin the landlord group’s endorsement to appeal to moderate voters. However, the record says otherwise -- mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio and the Apartment Association are wrong on affordable housing issues.

Carl DeMaio understandably hopes to whitewash his record of standing with developers and those profiting from the great recession at the expense of struggling San Diegans, but his new-found need to court moderate voters doesn't change the truth. While local families look for better opportunities to stay in San Diego and grow the middle class, Carl DeMaio stands with the developers and landlords who continue to push for more of the same policies that got us into an emergency housing crisis.

Affordable housing has reached a crisis level in San Diego. Rents have become increasingly unaffordable as home ownership has declined, and the landlord group has regularly resisted efforts like the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee program, Renters Rights rules that protect families from unfair renting policies, and lead paint protections that would promote safe and affordable housing.

DeMaio and the landlords have both opposed policies that help San Diego families afford housing at every turn, according to affordable housing advocates:

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Fri, 06/01/2012

The San Diego Police Officers Association is out with a powerful new ad, shining a spotlight on Carl DeMaio voting against death benefits for widows and orphans of fallen police officers. The ad raised some controversy when it debuted yesterday, and the head of the Police Officers Association directed folks to the vote on June 27th, 2011 citing item S400. Carl wants to sue about it, and CityBeat has a good analysis of the question that amounts to this: "Bottom line: Only DeMaio voted against healthcare benefits for police widows."

It's a powerful ad, check it out:

Of course, Carl DeMaio has been working to erode basic funding for police officers and firefighters for years, while handing out raises to his own staff. And then lying about it. Voters will just have to judge for themselves.
Thu, 05/31/2012

(Came across the wire this morning - DD)

Latinos Against DeMaio Speak Out Ahead of Landmark Election
Concerned San Diegans shine a light on policies that would devastate Latino community
With just a few days until a crucial election for San Diego's future, members of San Diego's Latino community have come together to reiterate their opposition to Carl DeMaio's bid to be the city's next mayor. In an overwhelming outpouring of activism, more than 100 community members have signed on to the Latinos Against DeMaio coalition in recent weeks.
Carl DeMaio's corporate agenda has done direct harm to San Diego's Latino community for years, and it's important for Latinos to know the truth about DeMaio before voting on June 5th. From attacks on the living wage and other basic worker protections, to the steady erosion of basic public services and attempt to grow the tourism industry without respect for its workers, DeMaio has been bad for Latinos his entire career. Plus, he's the only councilmember to support Arizona's AB 1070 law and has said he would have local police officers take on immigration enforcement.
San Diego is at a crossroads, and it's crucial that our next mayor is truly committed to building a city that works for everyone. If we don't ensure that everyone has a real opportunity to do well in San Diego and by San Diego, we can never build the city we all deserve. And with so many signing on to the Latinos AgainstDeMaio coalition, it's important that their concerns be voiced before election day.


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