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Sun, 10/21/2012

In 2010, Arizona passed the now-infamous SB 1070 racial profiling law requiring local law enforcement officers to check immigration status during any contact with members of the public. Since then, several main provisions have been struck down by the Supreme Court and the bill's sponsor was successfully recalled from office.

In the immediate aftermath of the bill being signed into law, the San Diego City Council took up the issue. Law enforcement officials explained that such requirements would make it more difficult to keep communities safe. Members of the community . In the end, the San Diego city council was unanimous in its condemnation of the bill and the principles behind it... Almost:
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Fri, 10/19/2012

This week, San Diego reader digs into an interesting relationship between DeMaio and one of his developer cronies. It seems that DeMaio has used his council office to provide special treatment to a major campaign contributor:

As previously reported, DeMaio was a guest of honor at the ground breaking for a new $223 million FBI regional headquarters in Sorrento Valley, being built by Las Vegas developer Irwin Molasky, a long-time associate of the late mobster Moe Dalitz.
According to city hall records obtained under the state public records act, DeMaio's office assisted Molasky in an attempt to hasten construction of the huge building over the objections of a neighboring property owner and some city employees. In turn, Molasky, his family, and employees of his Las Vegas-based development arm have been heavy donors to the DeMaio mayoral campaign.
Today's U-T report says Duffy has also personally contributed to DeMaio's cause.
U-T owner Manchester, also a staunch DeMaio backer, joined with Molasky to finance the campaign for Proposition B, DeMaio’s pension reform measure passed by voters in June.
In addition, Manchester and Molasky share the same city hall lobbyist, downtown GOP super-lawyer Paul Robinson, a key point man for Molasky's FBI project as well as Manchester's Grand del Mar resort complex.

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Tue, 10/09/2012

There's a brand new ad in the mayor's race today. Check it out and learn about Carl DeMaio and the Tea Party:



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