New GOP effort to examine DeMaio's past already exposes hypocrisy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The opening salvo of a new effort to better expose Carl DeMaio's past was announced yesterday, spearheaded by prominent Republican Fred Maas. Maas announced plans for an effort focused on DeMaio modeled on the Citizens United film about Hillary Clinton, and the response from team DeMaio was typically hypocritical.
DeMaio has spent nearly two full decades in professional politics, doing everything in his power to live right on the edge of ethics rules, operating in the loopholes and gray areas with no regard for the spirit of the rules. As a result, DeMaio has amassed millions from government contracts and re-purposed untold thousands of taxpayer dollars to support his campaign efforts.
But DeMaio has special rules for himself, so even though Maas explained that the project "is not intended to be political in any way, shape or form," it was immediately condemned as an attack campaign. Team DeMaio also condemned using private investigators in a campaign, even though DeMaio was conspicuously silent when the Secretary of the Republican Party, also a private investigator, was trailing nonpartisan public servants for weeks at a time in an admitted effort to intimidate political opponents.
So DeMaio has now declared himself only accountable to the technicalities of the law, but people who aren't helpful to him get smeared without even the intention of breaking any rules. And DeMaio's the only person in charge of what the public is allowed to know about him, but there's no need to speak out when the exact same tactics are used by DeMaio's erstwhile political allies.
Just another hypocritical day in the life of Carl DeMaio. But he might want to learn to take it remotely as well as he dishes it out, because he can't keep hiding from San Diego forever.