Ask Carl This project launches

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Millionaire candidate Carl DeMaio who made his fortune thanks to millions in government contracts, was invited today to a development by one of his major developer funders to announce that developers and contractors support Carl DeMaio. We already knew that of course, since he's been banking big checks from real estate and development interests for years. Carl DeMaio has never answered for that, even as he tells us he "owes" them as an elected official.

On the other hand is a new project to finally start pushing Carl DeMaio to be accountable to voters. Not just his rich developer and contractor buddies, but everyone else. Ask Carl This is a YouTube project and iPhone app that equips average voters to finally demand some answers, and share his reaction with the world. From the release:

After months of waiting for Carl DeMaio to finally face questions about his record, Too Extreme for San Diego announced its launch today of the AskCarlThis iPhone app.
Drowning amid laundry-list debate rules, press releases, and softball interviews by right-wing news outlets, the AskCarlThis project demands that DeMaio finally face tough questions that are central to whether he’s able to lead San Diego.
Available for free download from Apple's app store, the app helps voters to ask San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio basic questions about his record that he's so far refused to answer. Questions like:
Carl, Why did you take $100,000 from Developers?
Carl, Why did you try to de-fund the City Ethics Commission after they fined you for bad ethics?
Carl, Why did your company take $2.7 million in government contracts?
Carl, Why did you spend 45 times more on mailings than the entire city council?
There's plenty of time for DeMaio to re-purpose tax dollars for campaign purposes, but no time to explain why or answer a basic question about his attempt to de-fund the ethics commission.
There's plenty of time to hold fundraisers and events with developers and contractors that bankroll his campaign, but no time to explain the $2.7 million in government contracts, or what it means to "owe" them after the campaign for all the huge checks they're they're giving him.

DeMaio gleefully admonishes other mayoral candidates for allowing endorsements from city employee unions, but has no qualms about accepting endorsements from contractors and developers seeking to do millions of dollars in business with the city.

The gap is striking, and it's time for answers. It's time to Ask Carl This.